Nite Jogger 2020 Boost 20210904

Nite jogger 2020 boost Night Walker BASF real popcorn running shoe new color Eason Chan represents a knitted breathable upper, Night Walker 3M reflective real explosive soles retro running shoes. EF8719

It’s good. It’s more atmospheric than expected, and the texture is also very good. It’s just that the express delivery is a little slower. Next month, I’ll try to buy a pair of other colors. Remember that this code is a little bit bigger

Li Ning’s work of conscience! Feel soft and start quickly! Not wear-resistant, high-end shoes are rarely wear-resistant. The package style is better than the speed four, but no four is light and breathable. This summer, abandon foreign brands and support domestic products! The shopkeeper is very interesting, did not catch up with the group purchase price! It seems that they love shoes.

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