Dior X Nike LDV Waffle Daybreak Grey 20210807

Dior X Nike LDV Waffle Daybreak Grey

Real standard half size new product launch stage produces suede leather trim and half hollowed large mesh top layer upper ᦇ double imported tasteless EVA polished composite sole Creative custom-made three-way ride style, Japanese style deconstruction aesthetics co branded sacai x Dior x Nike LDV waffle daybreak “grey / Black oblique” overlapping design avant-garde waffle daybreak jogging shoes. Official product No. cn8898-002 size 36 36.537.5338.539 40.5441 42.5443 44 44.545142

I’m sorry that I bought LEGO with a price increase some time ago! This time, I finally bought a versatile grey! The price performance of children’s version is really high. The appearance is slightly different from that of adult version. However, I still like it very much. It has high appearance. Let’s talk about the feeling of trying on. The upper foot is not as comfortable as the adult version, and the sole is hard. People who pass through the adult version say that the upper foot feels like stepping on “Shi”. Maybe the reason why the new shoes don’t fit well should be reviewed again after stepping on it for a period of time. Finally, let’s talk about the size. The shoes received are not as large as the inner size marked on the purchase interface. Fortunately, I bought 40. If I look at the size of the purchase interface, I may choose 39, which will be smaller. My other sports shoes wear size 41. This 40 is very suitable. The feet will be a little narrow, and the fat ones should not be

Dior X Nike LDV Waffle Daybreak Grey

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